February 26


Living Sober through the Psalms

Sober Thought of the Day
Alcoholics tend to think big and go to extremes. This kind of thinking coupled with perfectionism dooms us to failure. Moderation should be your byword. The Recovery Book, by Anthony Radcliff, MD

In meetings when someone mentions the tendency we have towards grandiosity, I always chuckle inside thinking of all my elaborate plans I had for the future. Yes, that’s me. Grandiose ideas but no follow through. In non-alcoholics I believe this personality trait is called being a “dreamer.”  When I find myself forging grand plans in my head, I now remind myself to slow down, everything in moderation, start small, time takes time. Number 9 

Psalm of the Day
Responsorial Psalm PS 50:8-9, 16BC-17, 21 AND 23

R. (23b) To the upright I will show the saving power of God

“Not for your sacrifices do I rebuke you,
for your burnt offerings are before…

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